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Practical JavaScript and the occasional accidental module.

Quick tip: reusable Array search predicates

JavaScript's this keyword doesn't get much love these days, but there's one fun way to use it that might convince folks to reconsider their lint rules.

Element Worklet

I've been contemplating ways to build more resilient web applications. One consistent issue that seems to crop up in my explorations is that we have no way to execute JavaScript at a given priority.

Real sleep() in JavaScript

The JavaScript language is single-threaded, which means that blocking that single thread for any period of time will prevent importing things like input handling and rendering.

Event Listeners: Delegation VS Direct Binding

The DOM provides a mechanism for registering event handlers that supports two techniques for observing events: directly-bound per-element listeners, and “delegated” listeners that receive events orig…

Islands Architecture

I’ve struggled to find references to this online, but heard the name used multiple times this year when describing the approach outlined here.